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HEAVY IS THE HEAD: Part One Results, Part Two Planning

HEAVY IS THE HEAD, Part One Finish

Some threads sort of petered off, but the results are ultimately the same. Here they are as follows:
- The Brotherhood attacked the National Guard relief efforts in District X in the name of Genosha. Genosha has accepted this claim, and all of the Brotherhood were wearing variations on Genoshan uniforms.
- In spite of this, it was obvious to the X-kids helping out in District X that the National Guard wasn't just there for relief efforts, but seem to be actively keeping people inside the area. This is happening in mutant ghettos all over the country.
- The Brotherhood (some rather gleefully) pointed this out during the fight, nothing that the X-Men were also considered potential threats to national security
- The X-kids were temporarily taken into military custody, had their wounds treated, and were released into Xavier's care shortly thereafter
- Due to all of this, getting out of the country through official means for a mutant is damn near impossible, so the Institute has been more crowded than usual during the holidays.
We'll be bringing in the New Year with another Newsreel Mingle when it happens, but for now, look forward to a special announcement from Emma Frost with regards to...


As you've probably figured out by now, not all is well in the land of Genosha. Their sudden aggression, the use of criminal elements like The Brotherhood in official capacity, and other glaring clues leads one to believe something is wrong and the only man with the answers is Magneto himself.

So we're gonna pay a visit.

ICly the mission will be announced later, but for now, we'd like to know who would want their characters volunteered for a stealth mission to Genosha. Keep in mind this is a STEALTH mission, so if your character is pretty incapable of that, or otherwise likely to cause a fuss, don't bother volunteering them. There will be something for everyone else later, but for now, we want the sneaky types. Wolverine will be leading the mission and he has a special contact on the inside that will help the kids along, an X-sympathizer within Genosha.

See you then, True Believers!
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Kaede could be of use if there's someone there to hold her leash. Her powers can be useful in a sneakier way, but on the downside her appearance is kind of distinctive. Thoughts, teammate interjections, suggestions for hair dye?

Flandre is like, anti-stealth unless for some reason someone turns the lights out for an extended period of time. She'll be sitting the mission out.

Also she feels guilty for not being more of a help in District X and partially blames herself for it being locked down. The teeth that got earthquake punched out of her face should be growing back now though.

Instead, PRESENTS. Hope you liked the World's Okayest Team Leader mugs Reimu. She's trying to keep from going bonkers because CAN'T HELP PEOPLE and is doing her best to help others at school from doing the same. If she knows your character (even if she passed them in the hallway for two seconds) she probably got them a gift for Christmas. Depending on how well she knows them it'll vary in relevance. SHE'S DOING HER BEST OKAY. Also, scarves.
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Liir's job is mostly Kaede-handling so he'll be available for that
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[personal profile] stardustreverie 2015-12-29 08:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Kisume is a tiny girl who is used to being stealthy just to survive so she could be of use. Also she's been learning to listen very well at this rate so there is that.

Marisa could be of help but she's probably benched for this one after her warmth mishap.

Meiling could be of some use..some. She's kinda lost alone though so who knows.
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[personal profile] jolie_aile 2015-12-29 11:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Marisa Flan's either getting you like a bunch of electric blankets or a tracking anklet

she'll decide in the car
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[personal profile] stardustreverie 2016-01-01 06:11 am (UTC)(link)
She can't take the blankets into battle..and why a tracking anklet?
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[personal profile] jolie_aile 2016-01-01 06:24 am (UTC)(link)
So they can find where she's wandered off to :V
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[personal profile] stardustreverie 2016-01-01 06:28 am (UTC)(link)
She doesn't wander off that much That's Kisume
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[personal profile] endurancepoint 2015-12-30 08:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Alex would possibly be useful for the next mission. His probability powers are pretty flexible in application and he has copious amounts of experience sneaking into places.

Rinka would also be useful for the mission, but as she was in the last one, I'd prefer for Alex to be involved over her if possible.

Sandry is just wondering what the hell she got herself into, coming to this school. She'll have helped enthusiastically with the Christmas decorations, b/c even though she doesn't celebrate Christmas, she loves decorating. She is also currently working on making cold weather clothes for District X. So if you want to learn how to knit...
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[personal profile] eileaneathompson 2016-01-04 06:03 pm (UTC)(link)
Tiamaris got to help in District X, so yay for that, but Stealth and he do not go together, so instead I am offering up:

Rhia - if there are trees, she can move through them well, get information from them, and hide people. Someone just has to explain WHY to her.

Eli - Using her clones to do good deeds and fight crimes before she came to the school, she's gotten pretty used to blending into crowds and doing her best to move unseen, nothing supernatural about that, though. Just practice.

Aqua - So long as it isn't somewhere that blue hair will stand out like a red flag, Aqua is well trained, and can handle stealth.

Greg - Wants desperately to help. Can be stealthy so long as nothing snaps his temper into turning his powers into a flaming white showy mess. But he can do stealth, and is good at making a distraction if needed so other people can sneak about.