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Name:Xavier Institute OOC Community
Location:Salem Center, New York, United States of America
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Welcome to the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning

"Mutatis Mutandis: By changing those things which need to be changed..."

This is the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning. You are here because you are different. Gifted. A mutant. And while the world still has a lot of ground to cover on relations between yourself and your fellow human being, we can only hope that what you do and learn here will not only better yourself, but the world around you.

The Institute is a pan-fandom, plot driven, alternate universe (AU) role playing game set in the world of Marvel's X-Men. Players fill the roles of students, faculty members and adjunct staff members, all of whom work together to keep the Xavier Institute active and running. Alongside school life drama, your characters will have to endure the harsh world of X-Men, where humans and mutants draw near the brink of war with each passing day. When you're stuck in the middle, will you hold your ground or take a side?

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